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"Melvin taught me how to handle time management. If it wasn't for Melvin. I would not know how to handle my time.

Jeff Peterson.
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Tucker's Truck Driving Academy, LLC.
CDL General Knowledge 
Combination Vehicle
* D.O.T. Hazardous Materials 
D.O.T. Hours of Service 
Air Brake Systems  
Pre-Trip Inspection 
D.O.T. Logbook 
Trip Planning 
Accident Reporting 
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations 
Proper Mirror Usage and Backing
Proper Braking 
Proper Shifting 
Speed to Gear 
Gear Patterns 
Defensive Driving 
  We will specifically instruct you in - - - - Distance Judgment and Time Management. Don't chase the money, let the money chase you!

855-669-2235 or 1-855-NOW-ACDL
Our driving course allows our students to drive a tractor / trailer thru traffic safety cones to learn how to drive safely. They become familiar with the controls to turn left, right and back-up without causing any confusion. Our instructors are with the students every step of the way.
Our students learn first hand about pre-trip inspections. They learn from front to rear about safety of the vehicle before they drive it. That's a must in the trucking industry.
Tuckers Truck Driving Academy, LLC. will pay your additional fees!

* Your drug screen and D.O.T. physical costs.
* Your 3rd party examination costs.

You can't go wrong when you enroll with Tuckers Truck Driving Academy, LLC
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